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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Favorite Movies

So I watched X-Men 3 couple weeks ago and I LOVED IT! I've probably watched parts 1-2 a million times but part 3 was the bomb! totally off the chain! I'm buying it soon as it comes out on dvd no doubt. I would say it was $9.50 well spent!

And Mission Impossible 3 was another great one. Storyline was just alright but the creativity was exceptional, and sequences get an A+++.
So while these movies join my all time list, those already on include:

1. Charlie and the chocolate factory. The original version. its classic...and those umpalompas...
2. Sister Act 1&2. Sing wit me...."If u wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention"
3. Coming to America. I can probably say everyline in this movie by heart.
4. Tomb Raider. Adventure is my fav movie type n say whut u will, A.Jolie is an intriguing actress...
5. Bringing down the house. Movie is hilarious to the core! I'm laughing just thinking about the movie. Queen Latifah n steve martin r a wonderful combination.
6. Set it off. Hard knock Sistas r my heros, they kept it real!
7. Rush Hour 1&2. "Carter! Lee! Carter! Help!" Tucker n Chan work great together
8. Amistad and A Time to kill. These movies move me to tears n action everytime.
9. Sahara. Mathew Mc. is just ummm....
10. The Passion...the only thing I'll ever need!

So now you know...n i see a couple of ya'll wondering why is #___on the list?!? lol

Friday, July 07, 2006

Open Letter to...

all the musicians in holyhiphop. Forgive me if I sound a lil disgusted I just had to get this chip offa my chest.
I'm tired of the whining and complaining and sulking of how the rest of the christian community does not accept "us" and do not open up their church doors to "our ministry". Now its true majority of the christian community could use a crash course in holyhiphop, and be more open to this style and give this type of music a chance...however holy hip hop artists MUST take some blame in all the problems that have beset this genre.

I'm seeing holyhiphop take the path hiphop took...started out pure and innocent and now its no longer virtous. I'm so tired of christian artists who bring the same ol' stale bread to the table, and then wonder why nobody wants to taste their music.

The world of hhh is suddenly placing emphasis on tight beats, dope metaphors, sick lyrics...they've forgotten about the need for the power of the HOLYSPIRIT. Its so hard to find a rap album that you can worship God thru. I don't care what you're rapping about, doesn't matter what the topic is, a christian should be able to worship God thru ur lyrics.

but of course that gets kinda hard when most of todays artists keep talking about how sick they are on the mic, and how demons flee when they speak, or how their lyrics dry up cancer, and the deaf start hearing....what ever happened to Proverbs 2:27 Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips. and not meaning to sound derogatory, i seriously doubt any of that happens when such prideful people "minister".

Yes I'm not overly knowledgeable about the ins and outs off hhh, but from where I'm sitting, I'm disappointed with the view...and we wonder why the christian community is not accepting "us". Don't take this as me saying I'm better than all these folks, leave that to the Man upstairs and I won't smack on all the artists, cos I've met the most spirit-filled believers who are also artists in hhh. But its a daggone shame, they're getting drowned out by the mass of pretenders.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Price of Creativity

The great gift of creativity comes with strings attached, better said as, there's a thin line btw creativity and insanity.

Kinda like the most brilliant scientists were terrible at 'everyday things', or the most gifted author couldn't be sociable. I have a string just like that, and it's the need to be left alone. Don't get me wrong I love people, I love the friends i have, I love hanging out, I love conversations, I love meeting new people, n most of my inspiration come after everyday conversations...but I love my 'alone-time' more. I dunno how it is for other creative souls at heart, but when i get hit by an idea, it plays over n over in my mind. I wake up in the middle of the night wit a jolt, i got a thot, a possible concept for a spokenword piece, I'm driving along n jus had to stop to write that line b4 i forget it...

It's almost like i can be schizophrenic...I put on another character when I'm writing, I got into this whole different mood, be it anger/hopefulness/pain/self-digust/love and I stay in that zone until the process releases me. As a christian, i think its even more intense. Cos any believer knows dat when the Spirit siezes you, His word won't return until its purpose and mission has been accomplished.

As long as I continue to embrace my art, I'll be constantly treading that thin line. It's a way of life, and every artist wit a desire to master and perfect that craft, must be ready to give up certain levels of normalcy...shoot, I know I'm already crazy.